When you plan to use tiles for a home improvement project, it is a common practice to purchase more than what is needed. This ensures that you can still have supplies even if some of the tiles end up broken during transport or you make some mistakes during installation. But what will you do to all those extra tiles when you are done with your project? Instead of just leaving the tiles in your garage or throwing them away, why not find ways on how you can creatively use them? If you wish to repurpose the leftover tiles from your last kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling project, we got you covered.

At Rockhampton Tiling, we want our customers to get the real value and functionality of the tiles they purchased. That is why our team curated excellent ways to use tiles in a new light. Here are some of the crafty ways on how you can repurpose your leftover tiles. Check them out and let your creative mind and hands do the work.

Create Beautiful Coasters

Even when you are not a crafty person or a DIY enthusiast, you can do this simple project. If you have a large leftover tile sitting in your garage, why not use them to create coasters for your cold drinks and coffee? Pick a tile with a design or structure you prefer and cut it into three by four inches. After that, you can use crafting glue to put a cork backing or patch of velvet on the back surface of the tile so it can have a smooth finish. If you want, you can also attach some additional designs to create a chic and stunning coaster. You can use them in your kitchen or dining table, or you can also opt to send them as a gift to your close friends and relatives.

Personalize Serving Trays

Upscale the look of your simple or old serving trays by using leftover tiles. This is an inexpensive yet stylish way to personalize your trays at home. Get the tile sheets you prefer. Measure the tray’s surface where you want to attach the tile. With the use of a tile cutter, trim the tiles to ensure that they can fit perfectly to the surface. Use strong glue to attach the tiles in place. After that, apply the grout to the spaces between the tiles to make sure that the surface will be stable and functional. Ceramic hexagon tiles can be an excellent pick for this project.

Make Stylish Vases

If you wish to have a lovely and cost-friendly centrepiece, you can try making some stylish vases out of leftover tiles. You can purchase glass cylinder vases on local depots or use your existing ones. Glass tiles and mosaic tiles work best for this project, but you can also create your own mosaic tiles using various pieces of broken tiles. Just assure that you sand the edges of these tiles. After that, measure the tiles to suit the vase’s height. If you have glass tile sheets, you can just roll them around the vase and attach them using a strong adhesive. On the other hand, if you will use broken tile pieces, craft a design you like and use it as a pattern. Attach the pieces using strong glue.

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