Tiles offer a range of designs, textures, colours, and sizes available to choose from no matter the room/type of space it is being applied to. More than being versatile in design and use, tiles can make for a very sturdy material to apply on your walls or floors. The overall process of installing tiles can be rather smooth with the proper preparation but like with any other material, there are other factors that you will want to consider first. Depending on the type of room/space you are having your tiling project, one of the main things you will want to check first is the sizing of the tile.

The size of your tiles can impact the way the room may end up looking. You will also want to consider other features like fixtures and fittings with the finished look in determining the tile size. Overall, there are different points you will want to consider with tile sizing.

Considerations for Tile Sizes

One of the options that you can go for to check what sizes fit best for your tiling project is to get a sample from your chosen service and test it. Given the other factors you will want to consider though, sample pieces are not always feasible. A more concrete way to purchase tiles with a fitting size is to make sure that it is relative to the amount of space you have. With smaller spaces, it would be good to go for smaller, mosaic-style tiles.

More than the relativity of the space though, you will want to consider the grout lines as well. How they are applied can also impact the presentation of the tiles. The more grout lines you have, the busier your wall or floor will look, causing the overall room to look smaller than it actually is. If the room allows it, it would be good to go for a medium-sized tile instead to reduce that grid-like appearance.

Additional Points to Check

To ensure that your grid works well with your tiling, it is advised that you use a grout colour that is similar to the colour of the tiles. Not only will it help in making the room seem larger, but it can also provide both a framed and seamless look. When it comes to spaces like the bathroom though, more grout lines can be good as it means better traction and less slipping. Overall, it would be advised to check on the amount of grouting used in your tiling project.

On another note, with smaller spaces, there are the angles you will want to consider when it comes to the sizing. If you have decided on larger tiles, it is going to need more cuts to fit around what is usually the bathroom in this kind of situation. This is especially so for tiles located near a toilet and shower. You will need to be careful in using different-sized tiles in a room as it can make it look busier and more compact. If you are interested in using different tiles, it is advised to limit them to 1 or 2 different sizes.

Given all of these considerations, you will want a reliable service to assist you in ensuring all tiles for your tiling project are the best fit for your chosen room. A professional service group you will want to consider for this is Rockhampton Tiling.

How Rockhampton Tiling Can Assist With Your Tiling

A variety of professional services are available for any tiling needs. For something that can assist in determining the best tiles for your tiling project while delivering reliable professionals, Rockhampton Tiling is a choice to consider. As a service that provides consultation throughout the entire process, this professional service group can assure open communication for any tiling needs. Rockhampton Tiling is just one of the many options you can select if you are interested in more tiling services.


There are different factors and processes when it comes to a tiling project. One of the things you will want to keep in mind when in the planning stage of your tiles though is the sizing of the tiles and how it may affect the room. There are different ways you can check on what size would work best with a room from the relativity of the space to the amount of grout needed to be applied. To ensure an overall smooth process, it would help to consider a professional service like Rockhampton Tiling to assist in determining the best fitting tiles. Otherwise, there are different factors that will help when working with tiles.

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