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Tile Removal

One of the first steps for any refurbishments or anything related to adding in tiles is to remove any old tiles first. Aside from this, there are several reasons that you may need tile removal. These include cracks, loosened tiles, stains, fading, discolouration of the grout, and damages, with normal wear and tear. While tile removal seems like a simple enough process, there is more to it. 

Tile removal involves a process that involves special skills and tools to reduce any possible damage that would result in any further renovation. Though a customer is free to this process themselves with the right tools, a professional can take away the hassle at an efficient rate. If you are still unsure on whether it is better to contact a professional for your tile removal, learning more about what steps are behind tile removal may help.

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The Process Behind Tile Removal

When working on tile removal, the first step covers the removal of the tile trim, otherwise known as whatever is holding the tiles together. This generally involves the mortar being sawed, hammered and chipped away, which reduces a significant portion of it to coarse dust. Before this process though, you will also need to ensure that all built-in furniture is removed. By choosing a professional service to work on this, you can do away with any possible dust build-up.

Following this trim/mortar removal, a hammer and chisel are generally used for slab removal. Though the process seems simple enough, it is a careful process to avoid any further damage to the tiles without leaving a mess. You would think these would be the main steps to tile removal but there is also the removal of the underlayment and the cleaning of the subfloor to go through. 

Underlayments are usually applied to give an extra hold for the tiles when applied. There will be some instances when an underlayment is not found depending on the space. Cleaning the subfloor on the other hand is the final step for any tile removal. It is also the first step in preparing the space for new tiles. Any grout residue is removed and the surface is smoothened to ease in the new tiles.  

At Rockhampton Tiling, we can deliver a dust-free service while providing professionals who can provide efficient work. We aim to provide a cleaner, faster, and affordable solution to your traditional tile removal project with our available technology and licensed specialists. In addition, we can assure a swift service for any residential or commercial space with our expert workers. You are free to contact us for any consultation on our services and can ensure a hassle-free delivery on our end. 

Why Choose Rockhampton for your Tile Removal

We understand how much of a mess can a hassle it can be to work on tile removal plus the rise in cost for any damages. Rockhampton Tilings aims to deliver efficient service at a budget-friendly rate while ensuring open communication with our specialists. With our tile removal services, you can be assured of a smooth transition for your renovation or tiling project.