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Outdoor Tiling

When it comes to outdoor tiling, there are certain things to consider when compared to indoor tiling. One of the main things to consider is the extra exposure it has to the elements like rain, wind, sun, or sudden temperature changes. You will need a more durable tile that can mimic outside material. The good thing with outdoor tiling is that they’re temperature shock-proof, have low water absorption, and a textured, anti-slip surface. 

Whether it is for the patio, balcony, or even swimming pool, choosing outdoor tiling for these spaces, tiling them would be a beneficial thing. If you choose to do outdoor tiling though, more than its benefits, you will need to think of what type of outdoor tiling works best for your chosen space. Our reliable team at Rockhampton Tiling can provide you with consultation on what options work best for your along with a range of design choices. 

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Benefits of Outdoor Tiling

In choosing what outdoor tiles to have, there are some questions you will need to check before making a choice. These include what space it will be used for, what conditions it will face, and how it will fit with the chosen space and your budget. If you are unsure if outdoor tiling works for you, here are some benefits to look into when making your choice:

Variety in style and design options

Similar to indoor tiles, outdoor tiles have a wide palette of colours, grades, and textures to choose from. In contrast to indoor tiles, however, outdoor tiles tend to have a coarser nature with natural stone, wood, mosaic, concrete, or pavements being the more popular choices. What makes some of these choices popular is how durable they are and able to withstand different elements. Plus, they provide a stylish finish

Easier application and added protection

With proper preparation and a layout confirmed, you will find that it is easier to apply outdoor tiling in lesser time. In addition to being easier to install with how it is designed, outdoor tiling can add a layer of protection to your outdoor space due to its durability and versatility in design. 

Simple maintenance and long-lasting material

As a durable material that is temperature shock-proof, has low water absorption, and a textured, anti-slip surface, you would think that it is a high maintenance piece. However, so long as you keep an eye out for any things like cracks, weed growth, and water accumulation, this should also help with ensuring your outdoor tiling lasts longer. It would also help if you powder to wash the new tiles regularly and use a high-quality material finish to ensure they retain that fresh and new-looking finish.

Why Work with Rockhampton Tiling for your Outdoor Tiling?

Given that your outdoor space is the first thing to leave an impression on, it helps to have a design that is both stylish and durable for the chosen space. At Rockhampton Tiling, you can be assured to find a professional tiling service that will give you a range of options to choose from and a hassle-free installation. You are free to reach out to us and consult with our specialist to confirm what tiles work best or your chosen space.