When you plan to enhance your floors, there are always several factors to take into consideration. Also, if you have a pet, you have to ensure that you select the best flooring option for your cats or dogs.

At Rockhampton Tiling, we understand how a pet or two can significantly change your flooring choices. If you pick the wrong one, your floor might be covered with scratches because of your pets’ nails. They may cause mishaps that leave a lingering odour and stubborn stains on your floor. Moreover, if your pets excessively shed every day, it means that you have to clean your area thoroughly and regularly. So, unless you plan to keep your lovely furry babies in your backyard, it might be best to find the best pet-friendly flooring option on the market.

Worry no more because our certified team will help you find the flooring alternative that will suit your requirements as a pet owner. We have come up with the top three pet-friendly tile flooring options for your house. Check them out before you start your home improvement project.

Natural Stone Tiles

Since natural stone tiles are mostly resistant to stain and water and are very easy to clean, this type of tile is one of the most sought-after flooring choices if you have pets at home. We recommend stone tiles for pets of all ages. So whether you just brought home a new puppy that still needs to be potty-trained, or you have an old dog that already has a problem controlling its bowels, this tile type can be one of your best options. Besides that, even if you forget to trim the nails of your cats or dogs, you don’t really need to worry about them scratching and ruining your floor because it is highly scratch-resistant.

On the other hand, the downside of natural stone tiles is that they are hard and cold, so they might not be the most comfortable flooring for your pets. Since cats and dogs love to lie down and rest wherever they like, we advise getting some soft area rugs or pet beds indoors. You can also install a radiant underfloor heating system that will warm you and your pets, especially if you are in a place that gets excruciatingly cold during winter.

Vinyl Tiles

Want aesthetically pleasing and heavy-duty flooring for your home? Why not try luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl planks? It is an excellent alternative because it can effectively mimic the appearance of hardwood and natural stone. So you can save more and still get the functionality you require. Another promising quality of vinyl tiles is that it is hard-wearing. Once you invest in high-quality vinyl tiles and install them properly, you can guarantee that your flooring can withstand the scratches and daily wear and tear that your pets may cause. You can even find some varieties of this tile type that is water-resistant or even waterproof. Besides that, it is softer compared to stone tiles, so your pets can lie down and comfortably rest on the floor.

Porcelain Tiles

If you wish to achieve various aesthetics and design without compromising the efficiency and functionality of your flooring, porcelain tiles can also be a great alternative. Since most of the varieties of porcelain tiles can withstand the damages caused by water, dirt, scratches and stains, it is a pet-friendly flooring option. Even if you have a lot of adult and energetic furry friends, you don’t have to worry about potty accidents, scratches and shedding because porcelain tiles are also easy to maintain and clean.

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