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Bathroom Tiling

A bathroom is an essential room in any household and one of the most used ones. Because of this, a functional and neat space is needed. With bathroom tiling, it protects your bathroom walls from any potential water damage, stains, and mould. Plus they also make everyday bathroom cleaning more manageable. When choosing a look for your bathroom, there is a variety of options in terms of tiling. 

If you’re looking for an alternative design, it is recommended that you have tiling at least in the shower or go for half tiled walls at most. You will need a range of designs to choose from plus a reliable tiling service. These kinds of options and services are available with Rockhampton Tiling where we also offer efficient results and tiling choices to meet your design needs. 

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What to know with Bathroom Tiles

Picking the tiles for your bathroom includes different things to consider. As the room most frequented and prone to wear and tear, you will want to have tilings that help prevent this while also being practical for the restroom space. A good thing about bathroom tiles is that they come in various aesthetically pleasing colours, sizes, and styles so you can fully customize the look of your bathing space.  Some of the more high-demand tiles you can choose from include ceramic, porcelain, marble, and mosaic. 

If you are looking for something durable, comes in various designs, and is highly water-resistant, porcelain is your choice. Ceramic on the other hand offers a more affordable material that brings a more elegant and seamless look for an option. Want something more versatile that adds a unique aesthetic? Then go for marble. Not able to choose? Mosaic tiles can infuse all the materials while adding an intricate pattern. 

More than the type of tiles you can choose from and why it’s important to choose the right one for your bathroom space, it’s good to know what kind of services you can use for it. At Rockhampton Tiling, we offer a range of tiling services with efficient results and fashionable options. 


What services Rockhampton Tiling can offer you

Rockhampton Tiling is a professional tiling service that offers a variety of options with reliable consultation for your tiling needs. When it comes to what services we offer for your bathroom space, you have to option to either do a full renovation, retiling or some simple tiling of certain areas. 

Our specialists can cater to all these services with open communication to what the customer is envisioning. With a renovation, you can go for a new style while also incorporate sturdier tiles as well. A retiling service can provide a type of deep cleaning for your bathroom space while also revitalizing its look. With your floor and wall tilings, we can guarantee a durable and stylish tiling that will meet your design vision with an efficient service. 


By choosing Rockhampton Tiling, you can be assured of a professional tiling service that provides an efficient service for your tiling needs. Our specialists are open to provide a consultation on the types of services you may choose for your space. You can be assured that our professionals will leave a durable and stylish finish to your tiles.